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Would you like to have a program that lists a directory content from the console in a colorful way? You can try cold.

It is essentially a filter that modifies the output of the “dir” command, adding color information to each file or directory. The color varies according to the type of file (more precisely according to its extension). Subsequently, the list of files is displayed in a “paginated” manner, ie one screen at a time.

Here’s a screenshot:

These are the installation steps :

First you need to install python, making sure that the binaries are in a directory in the system path.

The python version should be the latest, I have successfully tested using python 3.9

Then you need to install less for windows. One simple way is through chocolatey. After installing it you need to open a terminal with administrator permissions and type

choco install less

Then you can extract the d.bat and files from the zip file

Then put in a directory (not necessarily in the path) the file, which is the main python script.

Finally, in a directory in the system path, for example C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\bin, you need to enter the command that will invoke the application.

The name can be for example d.bat, so typing “d” from a command prompt will have the required result.

In the .bat file provided, however, you need to change the path of the default python script, for example by changing this part

python C:\Users\win\Documents\programs\cold2\

This will give you the command you want!

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