My skills

Hello, if you wish to contact me for a freelance job or hire me, here are my skills

I worked as full stack developer with some languages and frameworks.

Ruby on rails is the one where I’m more confident. In a recent job I developed many small changes in the company web application that managed software projects. It was based on redmine, so i wrote plugins and improved the frontend layout. For instance i wrote a plugin to handle the scheduled milestones in a project (kpi) and send email when necessary. An example of rendering enhancement was the use css3 properties to make the layout more robust.

Other kind of tasks I took was to program a load test for the above mentioned web application (with jmeter). That was necessary because of the increase of users and the migration from a single server to many behind a balancer.

I also made some integration tests by browser simulation (with selenium). With selenium I also wrote a robot to simulate user interaction.

I also took some system administration task such as configuring the automatic installation of software in different servers (with ansible). I’m also proficient in scripting (bash shell, awk, python). An example was handling the binary and incremental backup of a mariadb database.

In another company I worked, I programmed changes in the main web application that managed fairs and their exhibitors. Sometimes i also wrote reports by aggregating client data, for instance the number of exhibitors in a fair by country. I produced pdf’s with a tool by Stimulsoft. That involved writing complex queries in the database (with sql)

In all recent projects I was involved in the software was versioned by git, which I use quite often.

I’m also on linkedin and partecipating to toptal screening